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Philippines Storm (Thread)

i couldn't find a thread for this, so i decided to make one(if there already is one, i'll delete this one)

So there was a tropicle storms in the Philpeans, and I thought that a lot of colorless mambers live int he Philippones, ao I hope you guys are alright!!!

That is very kind of you:) To do this for people and making sure they are ok. Good work my friend!!

@Agitation : whoa i've never heard of this news, it's kinda suprising! well i don't watch TV for a long time.
and then, for philippines peoples, hope you're alright, i'll pray for you.. :)
i yeah i know someone here from phillipines : @Archangel "are you and your family alright?" :o

I'm from Philippines, and is near the area. Thank God, we're okay. :D and thanks for that.

@shafnat I'm fine shaffy thanks for worrying ^^

@archangel @cbSKY : uwaa, i'm happy to hear that!! :D

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