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Why do you love film? (Thread)

OK, since my last thread failed miserably in getting the point across, I'm going straight to the point and ask the question that I wanted to ask.

Why do you guys like film? Why would you spend money on something that would last around 2-3 hours you won't get back just sitting there staring at dead animals?



I'm not staring at dead animals unless that's the movie. I'm staring at a screen that dead animals project pictures onto. I actually love film a lot, I'd write reasons why but ps3 is a &!$% to type on. Might edit later.

I really like filmography, it's a really different art medium than TV or shows. There is more room for experimentation and various angles, unique story telling, etc. TV is filmed/created quickly, where as a film can be done more patiently. Similarly, a movie is easy to pick up and enjoy really fast.

..... I don't spend money on it but I do enjoy films a lot. Mainly because they're normally just a short story.

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