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Regarding SOPA (Thread)

I found this video pretty interesting. Feel free to post your thoughts. We'll soon see what happens regarding this bill. So far, it's been pushed to the 21st of December.

I really had no clue. Up until this point, I thought it was some silly little thing that obviously wouldn't pass ,but I never expected any of this.


Oh God I didn't want this to be the first thread I see in the morning.
I'm already stressed out enough, I don't need SOPA to add onto that. Ugh.


This is ridiculous. I've been hearing about this for forever now but this guy puts everything perfectly.

It's just a giant fucking step backwards.

Owners can just switch hosts right? (I'm naive on the subject..) Just switch to a country that hasn't got shitty internet laws. It'll just mean that America is fucking them self's with this, I think.

I see this as a short term problem (For those who are not American.), just don't host in America.

But yeah, since a crap load of English speaking sites are in America, this is a big step backwards. Also, question! Is this site hosted in America, or Germany?..


I don't get you Americans. I thought you pride yourself on not sacrificing freedom for safety but why do you blokes keep doing EXACTLY just that?

Do something about it, dammit! Why the fuck is my openly oppresive country is more free than The Land of The Free? I mean we fucking banned Youtube once but we get them to unban it.

@eterno Many of the people I know including myself signed petitions and wrote to our representatives.

There isn't much more we can do outside of this and probably protests, unless I whip out some sweet moves and like descend upon congress and force them by gunpoint to fucking cut the shit.

why did I just get the blue screen of death upon opening this thread?

I know right? My phone restarted for no reason too. Guess T-Mobile is in cohorts with the government.

I hope that would work, the world is at stake here not just America. I don't want this to be the cause of WW3.

You see, Americans control everything and if it collapses, everyone else too so please...

@eterno: No they don't. They're holding many globally important things hostage, but that's not what you'd call control.

That said, it's a problem of the people of the US and they should be the ones dealing with it. If they're fine being prisoners in their own country, I don't give a fuck.

But really US, how long do you intend to be slaves of your own country?
"Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" my ass. Countries were made for the sake of people, not the other way around.

/rant on global politics

Watching this video, my ps3 froze 5 times!!!

@TokoyamiSenshi I know I was trying to be dramatic. Still, it sucks that the balance of power in the World tips hugely on the US' favor. I mean, their economy is so huge, we need the WHOLE Europe to balance it out.

But yeah, they have many phrases of freedom this, freedom that but freedom restrictive bills keep passing everytime. I mean seriously, I thought you said something about giving the poor, etc. to you but you passed restrictive immigration laws.

Then of course, why the hell do I get asked all of those questions at the airports (even in freaking Dubai!) while my trip to anywhere else in the world I just flash my visa and I'm good to go. Hello, I have my visa, which means I talked to your sly diplomats and they think I'm not crazy. Why is it you need to ask me further questions in transit and at the immigration checkpoints? Safety? I thought you should't sacrifice freedom for safety? I think freedom from incessesant questions is one of the basic human rights because some people are socially awkward.

Well, at least it's not as bad as travelling from INSIDE your country. Yeah, having fun seeing my junk officer? Shouldn't freedom of having your junk hidden from strangers be one of them fancy inalienable rights?

SOPA and this year's NDAA are not just bills. They are part of our plutocracy's war on American citizens. Don't just be disgusted, disappointed, or dismayed by the encroaching reality of these bills being signed into law.

Be angry.

(Yes, even if you're not American.)

I am angry!

i know it's serious and all
but somehow i just don't think this bill this gonna go thru.

English gov told the upcoming University students that they won't be support financially anymore, they'll have to pay the full think like everyone else. that change ONLY affected the UPCOMING UNIVERSITY student and look what happened
-> biggest riot England have seen in ages

so imagine American try to push a bill that affect EVERYONE living in the country, what will happen ?

don't think they have the ball to do it

that aside, now I'm not a person who keep up with all the policy and such so pardon me for the retarded question, but isn't there something similar to this ages ago ? like half a year ? a year ago ? same shit about changing the internet and shit ? so are these 2 the same ? or is it different ?

prepare for the worst case scenario

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