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Colorless Has Changed (Thread) - Page 3

How about this, I'll offer up suggestions to cure this blight of a site. Feel free to change them or yell at me for them. Opinions and such.

  • Create some sort of litmus test for spelling and grammar. Remember the Serious-Up? Implement it as a requirement to post.

  • Remove anyone that refuse to contribute anything to the site. This includes the one-time posters that only join to promote their shitty video.

  • Remove all hello and goodbye threads. Condense them into a "Hello/Goodbye Thread", or just delete them altogether. Who cares if you're leaving? If you have an effect on anyone here, you'll care to get their Skype/MSN/FB/something.

  • Ban people when they break the rules, and make sure the rules are known and well thought out. Make it so they know why they are banned and for how long,like 4chan's ban page. Make an appeal process and stick to it. Make it more ordered, and make sure everyone knows what they are doing. User should know what is coming, if they make an action. The current state of different mods doing things differently is idiotic, and something that needs to be fixed.

Commence the flames.

so basiclly changing CL to a training camp now ?


You mean having a great way of keeping terrible users out?

omg look at all the people I brought back

@chobi I missed you <3

@Queezle I missed you even more ;A; <3

And @Nandaba hi hello I edited the timeline for you <3

@Yoshiya; 'The Bringer of ye Olde Ones'

@Aya_Shii, You realise that there have been countless times when the admins have had to move a hello/goodbye thread to the main thread (which does actually exist!), and it does aggravate everyone else as much as it does you. That's why, when a 'hello' thread is posted, people will point them towards the 'introduce yourself' thread, and why they troll the 'goodbye' threads.
And how is anyone supposed to know whether someone who's only posted once will be coming back? It might be within a week of signing up, or it might be in a few months. Some might only come online to talk in chat and it's not something that you can predict or ban someone over. How is that meant to help the site anyway?
The admins do ban people, as you have already witnessed. They're easy to get in touch with, for most people atleast, and so other users will alert them if someone does break the rules. Obviously, depending on the situation, the severity of the punishment will vary and they may only be let off with a warning which is pretty much the same on all other forum boards.
And the rules are well thought out??? It was only a few months ago that they were revamped, and now they're a lot clearer and eliminate most possible negativity without being 'tl;dr'.

I, I think... I think we should start a Colorless Restaurant.

And I thought that this thread already died ._____.

@aya we have been through this countless times before..

So don't go telling that we have changed for the worse and stuff
And btw no one's forcing to go to this "blight of a site" you know

~God of Mischief~

it's @queezle! I haven't seen you in months

@aya_shii while I think people should make an attempt to type correctly, there's nothing wrong with making occasional typos, or not capitalizing. because while spelling may be easy for some people, it's really hard for others. I think that as long as what the person says is somewhat coherent, it's fine. and even then, bad spelling and grammar should not be grounds to ban someone, because as long as they aren't harassing anyone with it (is that even possible), incorrect spelling/grammar affects no one, and harms no one. there is absolutely no reason to ban someone for that.

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