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got porblems i'll listen (Thread)

i was made fun of alot as a kid and no one helped i know sometimes all u need is some one with a level head to help so post problems i don't care how stupid they are ill respond and try to help ill check this every day so let her rip

Not to be rude, but I think I might have a problem with your spelling.


sry caps lock


I don't know what porblems are.

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Maybe after some improvements on those fields, people will take this thread seriously.

Not sure if want to move/delete. Let's see some improvement here or this thread will be kaput buddy.

There's an arrow sticking out of my knee.

I have a problem. Why is it that I always screw myself over from time to time and I LIKE IT? I almost got killed on occassions because of this. But, I always got through somehow in the end so there's that but still...

Why do I keep screwing myself over? I mean I can handle the problems most of the time but why don't I? I always have to bail myself all the time and while it's a helluva fun to do so what if I screw myself badly? I ALWAYS let my guard down even though I'm perfectly capable of putting it up. Why? WHY?

Just now I was walking through the Red Light District with $$$ almost showing out of my pocket and my fully loaded wallet in plain sight. I know no Kung Fu but why the fuck did I do that? I could've just, you know, put the money and wallet in my bag or avoiding the place altogether but WHY DIDN'T I?

I need HELP!


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