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Whats a hero to you (Thread)

What is a hero to you

One who dies without regrets.

A hero is someone who stands up for what they believe in, for their friends, and for the helpless. They give hope to others. They sacrifice anything and everything to protect. They don't make you feel horrible because they can, but they lift your spirits when you need them. A hero is someone you can look up to, someone who can be respected, and often someone you didn't even think was hero material until they're gone.

A hero, to me, is someone who can help other's while doing things to the fullest. Someone who goes prepared and searches for someone who has supposedly drowned in a river in the mountains, in contrast to someone who just goes to the mountain, meets up with the people searching, and jumps into the river trying to look manly.

I find an intelligent brave man/woman a hero.

@AlphaHikari_1A14 I agree with you on that a hero is someone who is willling to give up any and everything for the greater good.

@Setton18 Thanks. I appreciate this thread because I admire people like this. They aren't as self-absorbed as most of the people I come across and they give me a reason to want to do better with my life.

@AlphaHikari_1A14 Your welcome i totally agree i look up to heros to be it a fictional one like dc or marvel heros or real like firefighter police military etc etc. I real admire those guys and i wanna be a hero. thats why im going to join the army when i leave ireland after highschool and become an american citizen.

I don't know. Probably has something to do with a man in a bat-suit trying to stop a bloke who destroys planes in mid-air with another plane for a living.

That said, what about anti-heroes? They might kill the innocents but in the end the world is a better place. How do you define that?

@eterno no one deserve to die innocient people some might be scummy but that doesnt mean there life is any less valuable.

@SETTON18 I know but sometimes it's a choice. It's either this innocent child dies or the whole Ohio state gets obliterated by the nuke in which could only be aborted if the child dies.

@Setton No person is completely innocent. Everyone deserves to die at an equal amount. You can't blame Hitler for doing what he thought was best. You can't blame Julius Caesar for demanding change, nor can you blame Lincoln for freeing the slaves in order to preserve the Union. Someone thought that all these men deserve to die. Some may think that they were innocent and didn't deserve to die, but who has the God given right to judge who lives and dies? I'm sorry, but I'm not that egotistical to think that I have the right to choose.

@BboyNoblesse I, for one, am arrogant enough and I say the one with bigger gun gets to choose.

Everyone's going to die in the end. No one has a chance, to live, to achieve their dreams. Because In the end, they will only get death. It's the only thing they have that is certain.

P.S.: It was more poetic but I lost the post. Damn you T-Mobile!

@eterno i agree one life isnt worth a whole city full of people.
@BboyNoblesse i never blamed anyone i understant that someone thought certain people deserve to die but no one has a right to decide.

my hero is charlie sheen partying all night

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