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Kim Jong-Il dies at 69 (Thread) - Page 2

I heard he died while protecting the country from Godzilla 'true story'

For a second I misread the title and thought he died while 69ing. He would have wanted to see how WW3 began.

Mmm watcha say, mmm that you only ment well, well of course you did


Mmm whatcha say? Mmm That it's all for the best? Well, of course it is.

Well, that it's just what both Korea need.

RIP to my idol and leader.

my frendz gurlfrand jane mai wuz frends wit jim kong ill rip homie

That face reminds me of @Ipotane .



lol its about time he died

Aww just checking their never seem to be updated website, it looks like they were planning a huge 'Sweet 70' party for their dear leader. Well, it's a shame that that fell apart.

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