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What is the best anime story you have eathier watched/read (Thread)

I think that one of the best anime stories that I have seen is Fullmetal Alchemist.. and the best one that I have read I have to say so far has been Pandora Hearts...

Fullmetal Alchemist all the way.

I once read a manga called 'Doubt', or 'Rabbit Doubt', which was pretty neat. It was like a murder mystery, the ending was a bit 'wait what' though :<
The 'Deadman Wonderland' manga is good too, although I can't speak of the anime because I've only seen a few episodes but it wasn't really up to par with the manga.

I think it's monster by Urasawa.

I really loved darker than black, gurren lagann, and princess tutu. I'm not really sure which one I like the best. as for manga, detective conan and one piece are great, but once again I don't know which one is better.

D.Gray Man is a good one; but I'm a sucker for Sailor Moon and K-ON!! And I suddenly forget every other animu or manga I've ever read or watched. Another good one is 'Are you Alice?' which I thought was cute.

ANGEL BEATS~ For my whole life....

ANGEL BEATS~ For my whole life....

Clannad ^-^ sooo beautiful.... X3

@shafnat : I cried to that series
@TheseArmsAreSnakes : Yes it is a beautiful anime =)
But yet my self I think that I will like Fullmetal Alchemist forever

as of late, Hanasaku Iroha

Battle Royale. It has a very compelling story and it makes you think about what you would have done if that happened to you and your classmates.

Clannad, Angel Beats and Darker than black but i can only say the first series

'Monster' for anime. (Because I love the manga and an anime exists so I'm being biased)

And 'A Bullet or a Lollipop' for manga.

Clannad, Angel Beats and Darker than black but i can only say the first series

for manga, i like brave story

I like Umineko's story, though it's the games that actually made me love the story (The anime sucks balls).

I mean, it's got everything! Incest, murders, oh and trap!

Well, not exactly, who knows what Kanon/Shanon/Beatrice are except that he/she/it/they bone three people(or more) at once

Clannad <3 and To aru majutsu no index

Darker than black
Fullmetal Alchemist
the world god only knows
Pandora Hearts
school rumble
thats all i got

Fate/Stay Night - UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS to be specific. A MUST WATCH!

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