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What is the best anime story you have eathier watched/read (Thread) - Page 2

Not a single mention of Utena or Evangelion? I at least expected Gunbuster or some kind of film. Fans these days, no respect for the classics. Oh well. elistist fanboy shrug

Diebuster (mostly by association), Lain, and Haibane Renmei. Because if you watched them, they would be on your list too.

I can't name them all, but the most recent one I've read with a great story is

Ah! my Goddess, i just love it. it's the best anime in my eyes

Death Note FTW!!!

Dennou Coil

the best anime, there are more than one ^^
- Death Note
- One Piece
- Shiki
- Togainu no Chi
- Hetalia

It did say best... story, right? Oh boy...

Monster and Shiki I can agree with but I really question some of these.

Based solely on what the plot was...


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