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something about bjhon jones. (Thread)

dear bjhon,
i love you with all my heart and i wanna spend my hole life with you beaucse your the one. and i have never had feel't something like this o any one befor beacuse i never meet some one like you. not many people are like you not many boys are sweet like you not many people i date understand me like you do u trust you with all my heart and i will love you in tell your heart stops beating and evering tell then i will not stop loveing you.
beause if you ever leave and is out of my life and i dont see your smile or your face i dont know what i would do with out you. your the reason im breathing and alive beacuse with out you my life is like a white paper with out words with know one wannaning to read just sitting their,watting for some one to write on it and then you come along and mack me better and not just a simpeal peace of paper u macke me compleat. love victoria the person that will love you know matter what.

if you truly love him, you'll eat his poop.

Yeah, I mean how can you say you love him if can't even eat his poop?!

I agree 100% with @Toasters.
She knows all about love.

1st.use spell check please
3rd.i guess you are like 12 or something so please refrain from talking about "real love" and stuff... just my personal opinion after reading the text
post scriptum: i died a little while reading i think

btw who is trolling us here ?
just curios because this is so obvious

Maybe this is a reference to some movie or something? Anyways, this isn't a blog site yo. Don't do it (wo)man. Don't so it... NOOOO STOP NOOO



One day, Harry was making learnings from his Schoolbook.
"Many learnings from Book School!" say Harry, turn the page.
But suddely, Harry had learned too much from the book and made forgettings of his magics!!!
"Oh no!" say Harry, "Of my magics to forgetten?!?!?!"
The magics made refusal to remember!
Ron and Hermione made questionings of Harry and the lost magics.
Brom made a laughing from the window.
Harry made a sitting in magic lesson, unable to perform the magics!
"I am tired of your not magics!" say Wand.
"SNAP!" shout Wand, and Wand snapped itself, because it did no want to be with a not magic!
"Oh nO!!!!" shout Harry, "NOT A SNAPPING WAND!"
But a Snapping Wand.
Harry tried to danube the wand into itself, BUT NOT OF WORKINGS!
The Teacher made a shoutings at Harry.
The Police danubed through the walls and banged their sticks at Harry.
And so Professor McGongle made into the rom.
"Ah," say McGongle, "You are one to destroying Wands?!"
And so McGongle turned Harry into a Wand.
"Oh no!" say a Harry Wand, "I am Wand now?!?!"
"Yes," say McGongle, "You are Wand."
And McGongle snapped Wand.

Look, I appreciate all that heart, work, and sweat you put into making this moving and wonderful thread but... Sorry, man. It just ain't working out.

Not sure if shitty thread...or heartwarming letter.
I'll leave it alone for now
Thread reaper scuttles away

I just want to poke my head in and congratulate @TokoyamiSenshi for that beautiful fanfic- not only was the plot thrilling and full of suspense with a powerful ending, but it managed to look like fun with Google Translate without the usual eye-bleeding incomprehensible mess that Google Translate usually spews out.

Would like to add that I'm not the author. Author was not a troll, he/she was the real deal. I just, like you, simply fell in love with the plot.

I am 12 and wat is dis?

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