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What would you do when you turn 21 (Thread)

when i turn 21 i would go to so many clubs get drunk all night till the morning and if im lucky i could go to my first metal concert and get wasted there.

I'm a teetotaler so, I don't drink. I've drunk alcohol before though when my parents offered me a drink. I didn't like it.

I don't know if anything special would happen on my 21st birthday. I might open a can just to symbolically denote my 'first' alcohol lol.

18 here is considered adult. What will I do in two months when I reach that magical age?
I'll give you a hint: Nothing.

Gonna sleep.
Yeah, I like sleep.

@Elegy drink alcohol lol. I forgot to say that it was during my 18th birthday I was offered alcohol.

I was in Singapore at the time so it was technically legal. Now it's illegal till I'm 21. Stupid laws Xp

What would you do when you turn 19

Because I don't even need to ask why you want to turn 21. Lol US drinking age.

hopefully i'll have enough money to move to japan pick a fine ass japanese babe, then after like a few years i'll see if she wants to come back to the u.s. with me if not i'll most likely stay in japan (all this after i'm done partying my ass off and getting really really drunk)

Lolwut? That's not how marriage works!
Do it like me, exchange emails with a Japanese girl who is IN the U.S.. It cuts the process by like, 5 years.
Of course in my case, she's a secondary crush lol though she seems to be persistent. Hmm... What shall I do?

@eterno well how am i saposta find this chick to email? plus it could turn out to be a dude and i'm not old enough to go on a dateing site, i guess. (man why is it so hard to find a sexy japanese babe these days).

I would get drunk, go to clubs, and throw a huge party. Of course, since I am the way I am, I would prank call all my friends just to see what they say.

@cj3366 Really? Because I'm surrounded by Japanese girl here that I don't know which to pick!
In fact, I know two lol.
Ooh I got an idea! Go to Disneyland! Yeah, I just watched a disneyland ad in the theatre and I think you'd get better chances there!

@eterno you lucky basterd.

i would go to so many clubs get drunk all night till the morning and if im lucky i could go to my first metal concert and get wasted there lol i could do all this even when I was 16 :D (Russia)
but when this is permitted it's not fun at all

When I turn 21?
Lie and say I'm twenty

thanks you guys for your ideas.

When I turned 21, I graduated with my Associate's degree, met a Korean diplomat, got drunk on the most expensive liquor I've ever seen (and for free) and then almost died in a car accident that wasn't my fault because I wasn't driving.

Get on my level.

I'm going to look at myself in the mirror and wonder why I haven't got superpowers yet or that letter from hogwarts never appeared. Oh yeah, I'd probably get drunk and suffocate myself in my own birthday cake

Still be in school...

I plan to go to an icecream store, pick out vanilla, and lick, and lick, and lick, and lick, and lick. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

When I turn 21, I will have a beautiful girlfriend~

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