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What would you do when you turn 21 (Thread) - Page 2

When I turn 21 I'll probably get drunk if I feel like it. Honestly for me, waiting 21 years to drink kind of took the excitement away.

What I think I'll do when I'm twenty one: Get wasted, duh.
What I'll probably do when I'm twenty one: Sit in my room and watch anime.

Aww c'mon, who does things by the law...
first time getting drunk was at 12 years of age

Well, I'd be studying my ass off at school.

lol id be wishing that i was 18

drink party drink sleep then drink party party some more then go to sleep

Who knows... The future is a mystery.

I would jump in the air for the chance of being 21 again!!

i will not drink sense i dont like it anyhow

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