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Internet on Xbox? (Thread)

Ok so i dont see why Xbox doesnt let you have full access to the internet like ps3 or wii? I mean they added Youtube, hulu, even bing (but just to look up Xbox games) I really don't understand Xbox.. ._. But besides that the new update that happen like a while ago is pretty awesome ^-^

Tbh, the PS3 Web Browser hasn't been updated in about two years and is TERRIBLE.
Not sure about the Wii one, but I know you have to pay for it now.
I know it would be a nice feature, but you have at least one way of accessing Cl. Maybe in the 720 they'll add it!?

I agree. Even my crappy phone has a full access to the internet and even my original xbox (it's hacked of course) so why not the 360? Is it really that hard to port a browser?

WEll the ps3 web browser thing isnt that bad much better than the wii haha xD just depends what your searching for. And the website itself and you dont have to pay for the wii internet!?!?! :o I use it all the time.. ._. Hahaha we shall make them put a browser!!! >:D

Before you had to pay for the wii internet, now you don't have to.
(D: I payed back then, and now that money has gone to waste)

Really? wowzwerzzz never knew... :I awww that sucks D:

I have better browsing on my phone than I would on an xbox. =P

Eh Xbox might get Internet in the future, but till then they are likely taking baby steps towards it.

I just use xbox for gaming anyways, don't care unless it messes with my gaming. :o

never knew it was possiable to go on the internet on the 360, and its true the ps3 for web brwoising sucks

I like playing Xbox 360, but I mean it lets you browse through Bing and stufff.. But I mean you have to have Gold in order to even use the internet.. and the Wii is better with its internet I think because you really don't have to have a live account or anything to use the internet.. and second of all I hate the Plastation 3 all together.. It gets hacked way to often..


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