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Learning to play guitar!!! (Thread)

I just bought an electric guitar recently and I want to learn how to play it. I'm looking for a site that can teach me all the need to knows about it and how to maintain it. All recommendations are welcomed!:)

How to maintain:
RULE 1: Don't smash your guitar like a rockstar.

How to learn:
STEP 1: Search the song you want and then "Tab" afterward.

How to learn songs without "tabs"

I hope you enjoyed my simple tutorial.


@August Lol thanx! I will not be smashing this one, it just cost me too much money. I will use your advice.

heh, it was hard for me to learn at first..meh, it takes a long time...but i recently got the game called rocksmith, look it teaches you how to play the guitar

the best way to learn is by someone who has experience just like a stupid violin -.- xD oh oh try you tube

@Wolfangle I remember that game from tv clips I saw a while back. I'm low on cash at the moment, but this looks like it would be worth buying later on.

@Akane_chan I tried youtube. I must be some kind of retard because I couldn't follow along with any of the tutorials I watched. I am hopeless with those.

Okay, since I self-taught myself, I'll tell you this.
Get to know your guitar. Hug it, kiss it, name it, I don't care. You just need that connection.
Learn the parts of a guitar.
Get comfortable with how far apart the frets are.
Make sure you're not tuning the guitar wrong.
Learn how to hold a pick.
Make sure you know how to press down on the fretboard properly. Don't smother your whole palm over it.
Learn how to read a tab.

.... And you're good to go for the basics.

Learn to play a few chords (C A G E and D) and learn the E major and E minor scales. Watch people better than you play. Learn to play 12 bar blues.

After you have those down, pick out tabs for simple songs you like and practice them until you can play along to them perfectly. Once you've done that, you'll have an idea of where to go from there.

I agree with what @TrevInc said about E scales. Although I would recommend learning the Major scale formula, figure out how it works. When you see how it works modes (modes are scales that are built off major scales)become extremely easy, and you can basically play over 70 scales.

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