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which is better smoking Kush or drinking? (Thread)

i personally like both but if you guys have any opinions feel free

I personally think you should die young because it's unfair that you get to breathe the same amount of air as all the other people.

Our reasons may differ, but it seems we both came to the same conclusion; you should die young.

...What's kush?

I like drinking more, but then again
im a boozehound

@TokoyamiSenshi well said, very well said.

.... /rereads OP over.
So when's the funeral?


I would rather have as many shitty and 'why-the-fuck-did-I-do-that' memories than boring ones. Drinking (as well as smoking and doing drugs) is a personal choice and saying someone should die young is stupid, so please refrain from posting crap like that. This kid wants to do that crap then let him, it really isn't any of your concern or place to say anything judgemental.

(As someone kindly pointed out, opinions are free as well as childish kill yourself shizz! whoop)

Puff puff pass around please.


if you guys have any opinions feel free

(S)he gave us his/her consent.

Oh really? Well, don't you think the statement of "You should die" is a bit extreme? Tad silly if I say so myself.

@TokoyamiSenshi @Elegy
Eh, we're all gonna die next year anyway. Unless, the prediction is bonkers in which we should raise money to pay the assassin.

Soon, my child. Soon.

What Momimochi said.

And if we're talking about 'why-the-fuck-did-i-do-that' moments, doing the same thing over and over again is boring BUT to each their own I guess.

@Eterno I edited my post, yes indeed opinions on it are okay to a certain extent but saying someone should die due to their own personal "past times" is a bit extreme...

When did I bring up that I do the same shit over and over again? Nothing is boring when either high or drunk, a good example is when high you can get a great conversation out of your cat, Whereas when sober you do not.

Dying should never be encouraged.

What the hell is 'Kush' anyway.

A plant.

@Dec now now, a conversation with a cat can be enjoyable at any time, even sober. When I was up for nearly 3 days straight I was trying to seduce a fake plant. Same effect if you're up til 4am and drunk something with some caffeine like coke or pepsie.
Personally, I find it a lot more fun to remember being completely out of my mind than having no recollection of anything.

@Elegy Again, did I say anything about not having any recollection? No. Stop with the stupid assumptions, seriously. Caffenine is a drug as well might I add. From experience, you still can get the same minimum effect from drinking alcohol with caffenine. :u Further more, to your " a conversation with a cat can be enjoyable at any time, even sober." I would have to say though when you're sober the cat does not have an english accent, a top hat and speaking to you about random stuff? No.

@Dec you don't have to take me so seriously or get defensive.
I never said that you did bring up not having recollection, I brought it up myself.
If it's as big of an effect as you're saying usually it takes someone being past their memory limit for alcohol at least. Before pointing out about that I'll say this: everyone has different experiences and seen different examples than others. I'm only speaking from what I've come across.
I know caffeine is a drug as well, but the intake of it is different from smoking anything, effects of both omitted smoking anything is very harsh on your body.

Now how do you know it doesn't? It's possible cats only act up and speak with their lovely accents when people only think they're out of it.
Cats are very clever and may even be ruling over our world at this very moment but we're ignorant to that fact.

There you have it. Having a conversation with a cat is ok and all but do you really need to get high over and over again.
Addiction is repetitive, that's why it's boring, but of course, it's my opinion.

Oh and who are you to judge that some opinions aren't okay? Death is no less of a matter as wishing someone happiness. Of course again, my opinion.

And I respect your opinion that my opinion is stupid. Doesn't change the fact that I still believe in it.

I find this thread detrimental to the development of this community personally.
I will now lock it.

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