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Request me things! (Thread)

Taken directly from my blog post. I'm in a happy mood since it's almost Christmas, so you can request me stuff for free.

I am going to do:

5 manga colorings [0/5]

7 wallpapers [0/7]

20 avatars [0/20]

10 etc (signatures, PSP wallpapers, whatever.) [0/10]


-I am slow with things, if you complain about me being too slow for you, then I won’t do your graphic at all.
-Nothing too complicated please. Nothing too low-res either.
-Please give me the size wallpaper that you want me to do.
-If you want me to post your graphic on my DA, please tell me if I can.
-If you want me to color a manga scan, please give me a reference sheet for the character. I do not know every manga in the world.
-Please don’t be rude in requesting something.
-I don’t do website layouts.
-It does not have to be anime related. It can be TV show, movie, and video game related.
-Nothing with gore or nudity in it. Yes, we're all horny teenagers but still. I will accept mild gore, however. (AKA anything with Flandere in it.)

So yeah, you can request stuff on here, or my blog.

I would as you for a certain art thing. But I think the request would piss you off as it has something to do with a certain something you are tired of. :u

Can you make a Neko/Wolf boy with square glasses for wolfy? :3 make wolfy look good~ :3 pleaaase~

I'll bite. As long as it isn't too complicated, I can handle it.

Edit: I'll see what I can do, Wolfy. Okay nevermind, I cannot draw boys, homg. Do you mind if it was a wolf-girl?

No boys? Oh darn, I was going to request myself to be drawn as something or something


Oh, and it's Izaya and Shizuo. I'm sure you know their colour schemes by now.

Draw me in a potato suit.

I'll do the Shizuo/Izaya coloring when I'm not busy. (CHRIST WHY AM I SUDDENLY BUSY?) No, Ponta. I___I

lol, :3 i dont mind if you draw wolfy as a girl

EDIT: you wanted more info sooo..i guess you can make a tall neko girl will long hair :3 please me me look pretty xD

i request a wallpaper with a mixture of these characters from pandora hearts and tegami letter bee, if it's not that much trouble.
-elliot nightray
-gilbert nightray
-break xerxes
-jiggy pepper and
wallaper size - 1920X1200

edit suprise me :D

Can you make me Glaceon(girl) x Leafeon (boy) .. as their pokemon forms.. but just said their genders so you can make Leafeon look more masculine :P x] <3

Can ya make an anime pic of my gravi for an iPod touch screen?

Try and be more detailed guys. Give me pictures and what you want me to do with them!

Seriously, I thought that was obvious when you request people things...

Is this okay, @Wolfangle? I tried to give her long hair, but... it didn't work.

Just tell me whatever you want me to do before I outline it and color.~

I suck at drawing...

i woudl very much liek you to color this scene from the fate/kaleid liner prisma illya manga, because its epic.

if you dotn know the color schemes, the armor is black, the bow grey, the cloth red, and ilya herself is an albino so her hair is white/blonde and her eyes red.

or if you wanna do a full page, id like this

kuro is basically a dark-skinned, orange-eyed version of ilya.

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