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Mawaru Penguin Drum's ending (Thread)

So, uh yeah. It's finally here.

Throw all your insults to Ikuhara for ruining Christmas in this thread.Cry deeply and make sure you inhale. This will be one hell of a ending after all.

Make sure you put a spoiler for anything regarding the ending!

Oh god, the subs are out.


I'm seriously crying right now, you guys.

so, did the ending crash and burn?

pun not intended if it turns out to be one


I fucking cried.

This... ending is just beyond words, to put it another way.

Mother Goddamn it. I'm going to save this for Christmas and watch it then as a part of the grand finale of the Mawaru rerum I'm planning on making myself watch.

Well played Ikuhara. You made me cry for 50 minutes now.

O.o wasn't expecting that! Why did it have to end that way!

Ikuhara, thats why.

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