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Men and Women can't be "just" friends. (Thread)

unless you are gay or lesbian that is.

I guess we guys are terrible people. But honestly, I hope girls notice when a guy wants to be more than friends :( It's the worst feeling ever seeing the girl you like/love is having a relationship with someone else, or even worse, your friend.

I saw this a while ago, and sadly... it speaks the truth. I hope women realize this soon.

...and this is why alcohol exists.

Interesting review of the Ladder Theory. this video is, of course, far from being a reliable source of information. It's highly editing and assumes to much, but it illustrates a point.

The ladder theory states that woman have two ladders, and men have one. These ladders are cataloging systems for intersex relationships. The woman have one ladder for potential mates and another for support and friendship. Men, however, only have the potential mate ladder. Thus, the higher the girl climbs on the guys ladder, the more he wants to date her. However, the woman can befriend a guy without the same problem.

While this theory is far from being proven, it does have it's representation in biology. The male must spread his seed and always find potential mates to propogate good genes. However, the female must care for the young and is thus generally monogamous, with a small range of potential mates. Instead, she must find support systems and people to help her care for the young.

So while a guy can be supportive and helpful, non-aggressive toward his female friend, the idea still lingers. I can't personally deny it, there are a few close friend I have that I would readily hook up for if not for my current relationship. (The current relationship is far more valuable, of course). It's an interesting theory, but not yet solid fact. If you wish to deny it, you still can.

Generalization -> bullshit. Men and women can be whatever they want. And in the end, friendship is not about what you think, it's about what you do. Just feeling physically attracted to your friend doesn't make it a one-sided friendship.

I don't really get what this is even trying to say, that girls shouldn't ever make friends with guys they aren't planning to get with because it can only end up as a one-sided friendship? Yeah. Right.
As for OP's situation: I can't really say anything without making any assumptions, but I will just add it's not like we can pick who we end up having feelings for. Obvious or not, what can really be done?

seriously? haha i have two guy friends.. and they would NOT EVER date me xD not that I want to date them :P but I dont have the body type they like and I am not a preppy chick, other wise, what would I be doing on a site i looked up after watching an anime? xD so I don't think this is 100% accurate..

Lol teknecly not acurate
I have...
Well depends, I have only like somewhat fat/skinny girls who are friends
I hang out with the following groups...
gaming, sports, band, and geeks at school
Some can be friends with G and B, and some can't.
I see no problem having a girl as a friend since I don't keep attatchments and I want to move somewhere else in the next year. But maybe for other people it's just hard. I'd say just be your self and you could have a friend that's a girl/boy

well it obviously doesn't count if the girl/boy is fat or ugly duh. no one wants to be in a relationship with an ugly person, but can still have fun.

Generalization again :)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, I'd prefer a smart woman over a pretty one. Of course, both would be nice, but hey, once you're over 40, you most certainly won't be pretty. That doesn't happen with intelligence.

Then again, if you don't intend to stick around until she loses her youth'n stuff, I guess being all about physical appearance is reasonable.

Biased video is biased and terribly made.

If a girl doesn't want to date you then get over it. If you don't like being in the friend zone then get out of it. It's not as easy as it sounds but you can't blame the other party for something they can't help.

I can't see a problem here though. I am just friends with several women. I do not, however, deny that I wouldn't mind if some of them came on to me. If I was single of course -cough-

My point is, I do not want a relationship with any of them, but I like to hang out with them. We're friends but I do indeed think some of them look good.

If I were bisexual, would I be unable to have friends?

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