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what do you mean happy holidays?! (Thread)

what do you think


ok so i have been hearing a lot that for some fucking reason you should say happy holidays and not merry christmas... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! i mean the holiday is called christmas!!!! its pisses me off so bad!!!! so anyway i don't think its wrong to say happy holidays... but when we don't say merry christmas at all that is wrong. it shouldn't be wrong to say merry christmas. don't think i have something against saying happy holidays. just when people say we shouldn't merry christmas at all

Some people do not believe in Christianity so saying "Merry Christmas" is basically saying "Have a happy day that I don't celebrate or believe in!" to them.

You see, the world does not consist of solely Christians. For example, me. I don't want to get into a whole religious argument (because those always end up well), but you get the idea.

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Um hello, what about Kwanzaa!? Christmas ain't the only holiday around this time y'know! H

Personally I think you should say whatever you want to say. If you want to say just Merry Christmas.. then go for it. If you want to say happy holidays... then go for it. If people take offense to either one... that's their problem. The world doesn't revolve around them and they shouldn't expect everyone to be aware of and or considerate of their beliefs. There's too many people with such a high level of diversity in their beliefs.

can't please everyone


Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, and various other winter solstice holidays and feasts exist in the world's various belief systems. Not even all of the US is Christian these days. Additionally, wishing the happy celebration of the birth of a figure that at least two major religions consider a false Messiah to a follower of one of those religions would be extremely distasteful.

@TrevInc - Your 'extremely distasteful' is my 'religious intolerance'.

I'd rather this be a nation where people openly rejoice in their religious beliefs and others accept it... not a country overrun by the politically correct with sticks so far up their asses that they gasp in shock at every remark that's not perfectly in line with their personal views.

The latter, in my opinion, is a regressive mindset. It almost leans towards creating the scaffolding and support for a theocracy... where we have different factions vying for power under their own banners of truth and justice... both vindicated and absolved of any wrongdoing by their own religious teachings.

Fuck,those are some long ass words and I'm to stupid and lazy to look their definition up.

Okay,some people do not believe in Christ so Merry Christmas is a no no.Some people don't believe it but still say it anyway.The ones that don't say it shouldn't be forced to say it.So stop forcing people to say it if they don't want you to,you don't see them forcing you to say Happy Kwanza or Bodhi Day.

Someone wished me well. They wished that I'd be happy during a period of celebration. They never once said I needed to celebrate it. They never once bashed what I believe, nor did they say a thing about what I wish to celebrate. Thus, I say "Thank you very much, and I hope your [insert holiday here] is filled with happiness as well!"

It seems quite childish to get up in a tizzy because someone didn't wish you well in the way you wanted them to. It's like bitching about someone giving you free food that just so happens to not be your favorite food. Shut up, eat the goddamned food, and be thankful they have half a heart to try to offer you a small gesture of kindness.

I don't celebrate Christmas, but I hardly even care what people call it.

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