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How can I improve on this? (Thread)

I'm kind of stuck here -.-
How else can I improve on this?
p.s. I started drawing this week

is this a girls head on a males body? you should learn about anatomics properly, then anythign else will come naturally.

EDIT: for the time beeing, think of drawing nipples and collarbones properly in. youd be surprised what big difference that makes, especially collarbone is important.

If you started drawing this week, I would recommend to start over
and over
and over
and over
Until you get it right. But you never will! Because as an artist you shall never be satisfied.

Her anatomy is all wrong, like break said it's a woman's head on a man's body, look up female anatomy, well anatomy in general and you will start to see the differences between the two body types. Try posemaniacs for practice since it gives you access to loads of different poses and what not, probably even the one you were attempting to do. Also note, those collarbones are really out of place.

Also I know you were going for an anime look, but with that kind of hair it helps to take note that hair isn't all just one clump. Look at manga and anime (I guess more anime in this case) like Death note and take note of the way they do hair, it's still fairly detailed and show's off somewhat real hair features yet still retains the anime style.

Also you should practice using reference a lot more, especially with that hand it's holding the cone all wrong, take a photo of yourself holding a cone and use it as a ref. Not to mention work on your foreshortening, like the size of an object depending on how far it is from the audience's view, because that ice cream and the hand holding it are just wayyyyy to big.

Lastly colouring, don't go overboard with the highlights, choose a light source and shade according to said source. The highlights would be stronger the closer they are to the light sauce and gradually fade, the same can be said for shadows which are actually darker nearer to the light source itself.

ty guys for the tips<3

i'll get back to you guys on my improvements :o

cheap gradation. i rather not have it.

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