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Boku No Pico!! (Thread)

I just watched Boku No Pico and alot people were saying that its a messed up anime!!
i watched i thought there was going to be killing but no its just a teen or pre teen what ever he is who looks and dresses like a girl!!
who has sex a with a man who looks like he is 21 !!
there is no plot to the anime its just man on child hentai!!!
some people say your not a man if you dont watch Boku No Pico!!!
my opinion its disturbing and wrong!
overall review if you are a pedophile watch it!!!




@Hirako .... you really dont get a joke, do you?

Well what exactly is the difference between "messed up" and "disturbing and wrong"?
I honestly think that somehow looking for anime where people kill each other is pretty wrong and disturbing. I'm just saiyan...

And now go... Fly through the internet, find some other noob to troll with the beauty that is Boku no Pico.

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