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[SHUT UP, YOU KNOW WE NEED THIS] Cute Baby Animal Thread (Thread) - Page 9


baby hippo~ <3

Cheetah Cub

Tasmanian Devil Joeys

Israeli Sand Cat Kitten

Red Panda Babies

Wallaby Joey

Pygmy Slow Loris Babies

Clouded Leopard Cub


Yorkie Puppy

That yorkie looks like a Chinaman lunchbox

too bad all of those animals might die a horrible, painful death thanks to us humans some time later.

@Lumiex agree, since they make soy sauce out of human hair, nothing seems to be impossible in the land of china. ...Wonder if it's still alive.

So like.. my dead dog was reincarnated. Or something..

I just want to post the damn picture and took the opportunity. XD

sup bros

I miss this thread so do the kitties ;~;

I prefer pups but yess

Oh, this thread.

@Lazu: An error in your PB isn't a cute baby animal. - This is doom bringer, My kitten of doom.

Thanks Deftones, You've helped bring me diabetes by reviving this thread ;w;

Here's some samples from that page:*DX5lQATjuhGlWoDUYPftgxJxdZkp6u4Y1tMydbtIEc70jilZP7eZHrCDURt2J8JpK00QZUsLGCZveaT/corgi.jpg

The lack of Fennec fox offends me.

Full size or baby, I have so much love for these guys.

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