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Who is your fave alice in wonderland character? (Thread)

mynes teh cheshire cat :D :3

White Rabbit.... cuz I am always late like him...

The Mad Hatter!!

He is simply wonderful =3 I love it when he goes crazy ^^

The Mad Hatter, almost always! But in the recent Burton adaptation, I actually liked the Cheshire Cat best. Depp put on a wonderful performance but he was given mediocre writing to work with.

why the cheshire cat of course! no matter wat form of alice he's in, he's always adorable!

Cheshire cat :D

...Alice. xD She has the cutest answers and wonders the oddest things about Wonderland...

The Mad Hatter XD

i just love his hat

cheshire cat

his eyes were so hypnotic in the remake @A@

I loved a lot to be one.

I loved Alice, The White Queen, The Hatter, Cheshire Cat and Absolem

Cheshire Cat & the Door Knob

cheshire XD

i want to go to Wonderland :D

From Tim Burton's, the Red Queen and Stayne. :)

In the original I liked the Cheshire Cat and Alice.

I love the Mad hatter best. Well probably I enjoy the idea of madness. Hey, at least its its not emo!

The Mad Hatter!! =D

i have that okay?......cheshire cat....white rabbit ......and mad hatter are all tied with me.....i had to write a story with them and they were awesome to write about :D

Cheshire Cat :)

have you all watched the movie? i did and i simply love it<3 tim burton produces such awesome films O.O

i like the Mad Hatter :D nya because he is portrayed by Johnny Depp x3

cheshire cat and the mad hatter~

The mad hatter of course! OwO

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