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Durarara Quotes (Thread)

I'm searching for durarara quotes.

"Oh, and just because I like humans, it doesn't mean that I like you personally." -Izaya

"I LOVE HUMANS!!!!" - Izaya

Oh, and quiz, who said "The kamaitachi are calling" (or something to that effect)?

Because all humans are-- Mine


@Decae : is walker or erika?? i forgot. haha :P

@KagamiKida: Nope, it was Izaya after Hiroshi (HEY MANN!!!) ran off. Kamaitachi is a type of Yokai~. ^w^




@Decae : Oh i remember now. haha

Choice #1: KIDA MASAOMI!!!

Choice #2: KIDA MASAOMI!!!!!

Choice #3: KIDA MASAOMI!!!!!!!!

-Kida Masaomi (himself)

Man 1: Is anyone watching us?

Man2: Not a single soul.

kidnaps the girl and goes away

Izaya: Yeah there is.

"You just went for my head didn't you? You know that you could kill someone by hitting a vital spot on their head, right? If you know this, then you were trying to kill me, right? So you shouldn't have complaints no matter what I do to you, right?!" - Shizuo

"If I pull this out will it start bleeding? Hm, maybe I should get a band-aid. Or maybe super glue." -Shizuo

"Some great person once said, "The world is a construction of the mind."

Some great person once said, "The world is a symbol."

A detestable past is the product of your imagination.

That reality never existed.

Isn't that good enough?"

  • Erika & Walker

Vroom! Vroom!


"In my hometown, the sky seemed endless . . . but there was nothing to see."

-Mikado Ryuugamine :la:


"_______________________" - Celty

"Is she a stalker...? If she's cute it's okay, right?"


LOLOLOL has to be one of my favorites.

"TAKASHI! Takashi Takashi Takashi Takashi!!" - Niekawa

"Don't drag me... back into this...

Leave it!! it's alright...

I can't call myself a Shogun (General) in this state..

I'm just a simple commoner!

Or, a simple.....

A simple.. 'high school student'

Right, I just wanted to be 'a simple high school student'..

I was able to obtain some peace.

I was surrounded by good friends and was leading a moderately dangerous life..

and now.. you've DESTROYED It...

I CAN'T forgive....

I absolutely can't forgive YOU for laying a hand on Anri (inserts Hikari Rin^^)

We will crush the Slahers, no matter how many of them there are!!

And, if the Dollars are behind this.. then, we'll crush the Dollars!

You dragged me back into this.. damn it!




       -That stupid guy

I don't like violence


ah I'm so lazy I post small ones XD

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