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Durarara Quotes (Thread) - Page 2

"The world isn't as cruel as you take it to be," - Celty Sturluson

"Kill kill k(ry" - Shizu-chan


Shizzy: "Listen. Looks can kill."

Yellow Scarf guy: "Huh?"

Shizzy: "There's at least a 0.00000000000000000000675% chance that a curse or a stare can kill someone."

Yellow scarf guy: "The heck you say bartender? Huuhh? Bartender?"

Shizzy: "So if you glare at someone, you can't complain if they kill you!"

"Ah! Shizuo loves Izaya!'s .. BL!!!! _"


lol xD


wow, :P

• "What is life?" "Why do people live?" Someone asked me that and I beat him within an inch of his life.... – Shizuo

• No matter how much you try to escape it, you can’t get away from what you were part of. – Kadota

• Reality is always a pain. Fed up with it, we decided to remake the world; make walls, divide things into trash and things that we care about; leave what we love inside and kick the rest outside. And when we tried it, it really worked! You can make a world out of nothing but moe and tsundere and BL. --- Erika and Walker... I think...

"darn you!!! you just make me violence!!!"


That chef is scary really scary -walker yumasaki

@Taki Yeah that's like the most priceless quote/script XD

to me that is, I guess... haha

"If you really do love her, don't look away, no matter what happens. No matter what you see, no matter what you learn about her, don't look away. Once you got her in your embrace, don't let go. Once you decide you love someone, that's your responsibility."

---Seiji (talking to Mikado)

"My family was normal." - Shizuo

jumping on the guy

So you brought your boyfriend because I don't hit girls?

How admirable of you.

I'd like to make you mine, but sorry, you're not my type.

So go home!


The girl with the scars who disappeared...

A dullahan...


Harima Mika...

Yagiri Seiji...

Human Trafficking...

And... the Dollars.


I hated living a normal life.


Please... Lend me a hand for a second.

I wanted to live in a way unlike everyone else.

All the cards are in my hand.

That's why....




kill, kill, kill, kill.... -shizuo



Everyone in the Dollars! Emergency!


wow!! 33 post XD

thanks for all of you :)

Shuuji: "I'm... flying... "

Walker's line before he set the Blue Boxes on fire.

"Russian sushi"
- Simon

guess who :D

I am trying to seduce you
~celty in super revealing bikini (or underwear?)

you are more transparent than you think
~simon :D

"gentleman, the air in Tokyo is very filthy..."
- Shinra's dad

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