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Durarara Quotes (Thread) - Page 3

Even on 50% off days, we don't serve humans in our dishes." - Simon

Shinra: The look on your face is unhappy.
Celty: He reads expressions on a face I don't have...

Izaya: It's not good to meddle too much.
Namie: I'm not meddling! I'm the only one who can protect him!
Izaya: I've heard that stalkers don't realize they're stalking. Apparently, they believe that they're "protecting"
Namie: Don't you dare put me on the same level as a stalker!
Izaya: You're frightening. I'm just pulling your leg.

hey does anybody have their chat room pics? like the ones this chat room is using, but i wan a bigger size


"He is a violent man. No, He is a man full of violence. No, He is a man who lives with violence. No, He is the violence itself." (Simon's comment about Shizuo)

"Guys, you can have your fun, but don't use any gasoline inside the car this time." Togusa

"Are you done with puberty? Then it's time for you to eat sushi." Simon

"Oh dont mind me. Shit doesnt even hurt."
- Shizuo, with a pen stuck into each thigh.

"Hey,which one do you think is the Dollars founder? Do you see anyone who looks like Arab oil baron?" Erika

"I'm off to shinjuku to murder Izaya." - Shizou

and many many more.

No, it's not only--





My Fave...

People who call others stupid usually more stupid, but i'm stupid so i'll said it anyways. YOU'RE STUPID


"Your name sounds like an air conditioner." -Izaya

"A man fails the hardest when he fails to stop a woman's tears."~Kasuka.

HEY MAN! grabs crotch and shakes hand

"Listen, ladies. It's not my problem if you lovely ladies get pummeled to death and die~. I could knock your teeth down your throat, or you can bag on my age when I'm actually just 23~. I don't care, you're in a class that's so beneath me that it doesn't matter. Human beings are weak things....But, beating up chicks isn't really my shtick~, so I guess the next best thing I can do is take your precious cellphone...And smash it >:DHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA--Now I'm bored >:/"-Orihara Izaya

"People who call others stupid are usually more stupid, but i'm stupid so I'll say it anyways. YOU'RE STUPID"- Shizuo

"I hate violence"-Shizuo

Simon: Want to hear kind of a bad story. You are such a cowardly @$$ it's funny. HAHAHA.

Izaya: I agree with that Simon. But I like that quality of mine.

Simon: You know Masaomi's girlfriend, right? She gave me a call. Told me about you, about everything happening. All of it.

Izaya: Saki? Why would she...

Simon: She's seriously in love with Masaomi. And she's done with you.

Izaya: I see. She is, huh?

Simon: Hey Izaya: Don't meddle the town too much.

Izaya: Simon, I really do love people, that's all.

Simon: Don't try to fool me. You just don't want to lose to Shizuo, right? You have some kind of complex about him.

Izaya: he he...

Simon: You're more transparent than you think.

Izaya: Simon, you know... You're way too different when you speak Russian, not Japanese.

I like it better when they speak this in Russian. It's one of my favorite quotes from Durarara!!

"If you really want to escape the everyday, you must constantly evolve." - Izaya Orihara

"What is life? Why do people live? Someone asked me that, and then I beat him within an inch of his life." - Shizuo Heiwajima

"Hey, hey! Shizu-chan's definitely in love with Izaya. Two guys... Like BL!" -Erika Karisawa

Shinra: The look on your face is unhappy.
Celty: He reads expressions on a face I don't have...

Kida: I'll drop by when I get paid for my job, so you better give me a discount.
Simon: Oh, I can't do that.If I did, I'd meet a watery grave on Russian land.
Kida: How are you going to drown on land?

Shizuo: “Listen. Looks can kill.”
Yellow Scarf guy: “Huh?”
Shizuo: “There’s at least a 0.00000000000000000000675% chance that a curse or a stare can kill someone.”
Yellow scarf guy: “The heck you say bartender? Huuhh? Bartender?”
Shizuo: “So if you glare at someone, you can’t complain if they kill you!”


"Sometimes the city will give you gifts. Very small yet very large miracles. The adventure you longed for, the possibility that a new story will begin and the possibility that nothing begins at all..."

"This city is overflowing with strangers. They've come to this city looking for something, searching endlessly to change something ... And I am no different"

-Simon (end of episode 3)

"I come back stronger every time. Shinra know what? Screw what he says! I COME BACK STRONGER EVERY TIME!" -Shizuo

"One second he's dumb as an ox and the next he's sharp as a whip...that's why I hate him so much." -Izaya

"You are not a space alien... right?" -Celty

"This is a good city." Seymon

I love that line because i rrelate alot to simon.


"I have no idea how much calcium is in an eggshell, or how well it absorbs into the body." -Shinra

"Because the world isn't as bad as you think."-Celty

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