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Masaomi, Mikado, Shizuo, Izaya, or Shinra?? (Thread) - Page 3


-- there's no other character like him.

I can't choose damn it. I liked Izaya first, and then Shizuo.. But then Kida suddenly became this badass character that I just had to love. And Shinra.. well, Shinra's queerness is kinda cute too. And Mikado is just a nice boy.

I don't know. xD

Everyone except Izaya. le shrug

Izaya amused me up until about episode 12, then my rage over his douchebaggery overtook my amusement, and now I have a rising want to punch him in the face whenever he comes onscreen.

Which is strangely still mixed with amusement?

I just wish he'd stop showing up randomly in my dreams for no apparent reason, because I never have anime related dreams and now he's poaching them.

Shizuo!! and Mikado!! :D <3 <3 <3

Izaya v

Kida and Izaya



And Mikado because of his insert epic spoiler scene which involves a pen know you love him <3 <3



Change into Mikado and Aoba! Not just alone Mikado...

Izaya! <3

Shinra. He's just so odd. :P

@RMTanakaTaro Mmmm I love

Woah dude I know I said Shizuo, but I just recently fell in love with Shizuo/Mikado, but more of in a bromance kinda way >_____<

wow!! a lot of people like izaya!! X3

yeah~ i love shizaya too. i have a lot of shizaya pic LOL

anyway i'm searching for aobamikado pic. is someone have it??

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