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i know i already asked this... but, can i maybe do one of the voices for the fandub?

oh alright :D thanks for the info! good luck with the project ;)

@AK-chan, OF COURSE!
I'll be uploading the script link once @n1xx gives the go. Then I can do the video raw file renderings then she'll mix them.

@MyogiWarrior34 thanks! =3

I second Kirn on that, but that's only if i really get in XD; if it's auditions again XD;

(Also, what does this mean for the DRRR fandub? an official one is out already but...i dunno it feels weird only having really finished one part, but at the same time, I haven't exactly been helpful for the past 9 months so i wouldn't really say anything but for curiosity >_<;;; )

EDIT sorry just reread the first post. project's completely changed then? I still think it'd be fun to maybe just do the one extra ep for DRRR...>_<; but it makes sense since we never filled in all the spots anyways (are there just as many for the video game project? roles i mean?)

Here would be a couple of character profiles that may interest some; this post will focus, however on the main characters; supporting cast; where we need more people will be listed to give an idea of what the other roles are.
Aya Brea - heroine of the game, 25 years old, NYPD Police Officer of the 17th precinct. Having attended a single opera has changed her life for good; awakening her latent mitochondria powers thanks to an entity possessing and taking over its human host. She now is the only person in Manhattan who has a fighting chance to defeat his biological monstrosity coded as 'Eve'.
Eve - name given based on the origin of genetics along with the study of mitochondria. She once tried to release her 'bretheren' at Japan but failed; she now returns in Manhattan to wreak havoc amongst the human race. Her origin dates from a kidney transplant between her host, Melissa Pearce, and a young girl by the name Maya Brea.
Daniel Dollis - a brave & long forerunner within the NYPD's 17th Precinct, he is Aya's partner in most cases and acts like a father & brother to Aya. He is often hot tempered and shows extreme compassion for his only son, Ben Dollis; even despite his job which poses as a barrier between the two.
Kunihiko Maeda - a Japanese Scientist who came from Japan to Manhattan hearing of the outbreak that was covered to be 'spontaneous human combustion'. He likes to be around laboratories and claims it as a place where he can thoroughly think through things. Having witnessed the same outbreak back at his home country, he holds various information that has aided Aya & Daniel deal with the likes of 'Eve'. Highly superstitious, he holds on to numerous Japanese charms that he gave to Aya as the only form of assistance he could give her. Throughout the story, he has developed a mutual liking for Aya but is very reluctant as to express himself in public; which holds true to anyone else he encounters, being a foreigner.
Dr. Hans Klamp - a scientist from the Museum of Natural History who was primarily responsible for the outbreak in Manhattan and for the release of Eve through organ transplant between Melissa & Maya. He is anti-social and takes much pride for his infamous work.
Melissa Pearce - An opera actress who took all the risks just to get the lead role of the play 'Eva & Edward'. She is "Eve's" host through the transplanted kidney and took huge doses of medication just for that one role she wanted.

other Named supporting characters:
NYPD Police Officers:
3.Captain Baker
Ben Dollis
Admiral Williams
Captain Lynch
Maya Brea

other unnamed characters:
jet pilot(s)
chopper pilot(s)
News Reporter(s)
Museum Guard
Aya's Date

bumping with an image update on my last post for those (who're planning to voice amongst the lead characters to see how they look like)

Don't worry Kirn; you'll get to him eventually. Where did you get/buy it and where are you playing it?

Oh okay... cool; well I use epsx 0.9.6 to record and play this. Hope you have a good time playing it/understanding the story we're gonna dub soon, @kirn

Sounds cool. Thanks for the profiles!!

Auditions will be up once the script is out, I'm guessing? or...?

@Ryousei, within this week. I'm preparing the video files and @n1xx wants them first before she could release the script so she can direct you guys as to how long each line should be; I'm alloting enough time for each line on the video for that to happen. I've just completed half of the day 1 scenes and I'm sending them to @n1xx tomorrow. :)

Update: for the sake of those awaiting the audition script file, and the video for day 1, this is to confirm that upload is in progress

09:44 - 85 of 320mb zip file (Day 1 video)

Edit: Entire day 1 Video is with @n1xx Now, and recruitment will start soon.

im jst wondering...
are u still doing the durarara fandub?

@Ak-chan as far as I know not anymore...since it's already been done officially...I think? I kinda wish we still were though XD;

@Ryousei I don't mean to be rude but why can't we still do it?
The fact that it's been dubbed officially doesn't really matter in my opinion.
We can still do it for fun! =3

@AK-chan yeh I want to too but I thought the group consensus was to go at a different project instead?

@Ryousei Oh really? Nevermind what I said then... -_-

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