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Okay I'm sorry but I don't care how much you must love dogs they fucking annoy me. I've just been woken up at around 1:30am by a dog clearly spooked by a fox or something and the stupid fucker won't shut up. Been going on for ten minutes straight now and the worst part is that it briefly pauses either for breath or to figure out whether their stupid owner will come out and it goes at it again ffs I swear I'm going to fucking go over their in my dressingown in a minute if the owner doesn't have the sense to come out and at least see what is going on and kick them both.



p.s. Cats rule, you never get this kind of retarded behaviour with cats.

Dogs tend to be on the dumber side. That's why they're so clingy. You don't see wolves or cats doing that crap. Wolves are smart enough to distance themselves from humans completely lol. >_<

I don't like dogs either, and I'm also allergic to them.

( ○ ω ○ );;;

Eat them! Show them who's boss! >:D

Yeah and cats are nice enough that they don't shit everywhere in the house where they sleep so it's okay to let them in where they won't spook, even then I've had poor dead mice or bird or half-dead variants show up in our living room where they've been doing some silent hunting overnight.

God damnit though, I have martial arts today so I'll probably running on caffeine. What I find most annoying is the retarded inconsiderate owner hasn't immediately come out to shut it up. You also can't sleep through this kind of barking because it pauses one minute and then it starts again so it's too damn random to get used to.

okay it's half an hour later and the dog finally seems to have shut the fuck up, their owner deserves to be slapped. I'm normally pretty good with this sort of thing but any owner who takes fucking half an hour to just go outside and shut their dog up is just fucking lazy, regardless of what time of the day it is.

All these dog haters! D:

I don't hate dogs without reason. They're friendly enough most of the time but it's one of those things where they're just so fucking annoying I say dump them out in the wild because it's obvious that they can't be domesticated unless their fucking owner has at least half-a-brain.


fufufufuuu I'm a cat, always will be. :p

Dogs are really easy to train... there are just a lot of idiots out there with no patience. My dog was really easy to train. If he would bark a lot, just grab him by the muzzle and stare into his eyes until his shut up.

/respect yo :p

Yeah it seems dogs are a bit like children in some sense, the owners like the parents love to blame other people when it's really them being incompetent douchebags that fucks things up.

I'm just pretty annoyed because I know at this time if I get to sleep I'll sleep too much and miss martial arts so I'm going to have to get fucktons of coffee when my parents are up.

Screw this noise. My fat, old, blind, paranoid, bipolar dog is uber pro. Don't hate!

:P I don't really really hate, it's finally stopped now but man I wanted to kick it.

lol Lethn try living at my place.. the dogs here bark all day and night... especially at night. I think the neighbour's dog was just lonely. They just lock him out in the veranda, which is like a floor down beside my building. I'm used to it by now, but its annoying when you want to try to record something on mic. I have stop everytime when the dogs around in the area communicate. I'm a dog and cat lover.. but rabies is another thing XD Oh you'll hear all kinds of stuff around here... should I list it in? It just seems fun lol

:P fuck that Hikari I'd be willing to buy a place that has several acres surrounding it just so I can live in peace if I got annoyed enough at night. I prefer to stay up at night by choice and not by being forced because of a stupid dog.

I'm more of a cat person, I think dogs are too hyperactive >< but they're both cute :3

Cats fucking rule :p they're independent and easy to look after

I honestly love dogs much more than cats, cats either ignore me or attack me. I know dogspeak too >w<. But, I'll have to admit, there are some really stupid, annoying dogs out there.

Cats scare the s*** out of me. One time a cat was on my roof (how did i get up there?) and I tried to grab it through my window. After that I had bloody scratches all my arms XD. But dogs can sometimes be annoying... my neighbor lets his dog out without a leash and it chased me down the street. It seriously wanted to kill me.

@Lethn hehe that's why it'd be nice living at your place for a change.. better surroundings. And the foxes seems intriguing.. XD


@LadyGlace that's terrible... that should be reported in. I swear if the dog has rabies too. It's not good thing to happen.

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