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RAAAAAGE!!!!! FUCKING STUPID DOGS!!!!! (Thread) - Page 2

Could be anything, could be a cat pissing the stupid bastard off and being mischevious ;P but I think the surroundings are really the only reason to be here. It's mainly a post-victorian shit hole where we have bad quality internet connections that are always traffic shaped or a city centre with barely anything in it.

I have some decent hopes for where I am though, cutting the stupid deficit in the UK may actually encourage business to grow here so that'll mean more shops.

Still won't stop me leaving because I hate this country anyway but what the hey lol.

@Hikari Rin Lmao... yeah I should have done that. The dog waits and glares at me everytime I walk out the house. Maybe it likes me? o_O

@Lethn What country do you want to live in then? XD

I dunno, preferably a tax free one, so I'm probably going to be limited to Carribbean tax haven countries. I won't mind staying in the UK If I'm making a modest income but there's no way I'm going to hang around if I make more than a million with what I have planned and believe me there's a possibility of that happening. All that will happen is that the government will steal my money in return for pre-emptive wars that put me in danger or failed dreams of free healthcare.

Cats with their sharp claws, dogs and the annoying barks... If I had to choose.. I'd say Ferrets all the way! They are perfect. <3

Ferrets can bite though can't they? :D

With those little cute teeth? I wouldn't care. <3

hides bleeding finger

@Lethn Well, my country just passed the free healthcare bill....dammit.

@LadyGlace Oh don't worry, they'll be bankrupt before they get anything through and commit to it lol :p

@Nico /smug


Cats plot world domination when you let them go. I'm sure of it.

Shhh Augmentine shhh :P strokes head :D

I hate stupid dogs too. Not dogs in general. Just the stupid ones.

You know you can call the cops and complain about the dog. The cops will tell the owner to shut the dog, and you can remain anonymous.

I know people who have done that before. If they get multiple calls, the cops can take their dog away and put it in the pound.

Eh It's only happened once in my area thankfully, I'm also not into that kind of thing if I have a complaint I take it to the person directly, I don't do the cowardly thing of hiding behind a police or government :p

and omfg stupid dog has started randomly barking again good thing I stayed up until I was properly awake.

Then again, responsibility-wise, cats are easy mode. All you do is feed em......occasionally.....


Haha, I had the opposite problem. A cat was raping another cat outside of my room for two weeks straight...I had to throw a shoe at them so it would stop.

Depends on the animal, I guess.

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