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Philippines Colorless Thread (Thread)

Ok...The threads just dissappeared...So I'm gonna make this since our Filipino thread is gone...

Anyways welcome!

Unfortunately, I can't go to the first eb.
Well, goodluck for those who will come anyway.

Awww,I'll be updating the first post,I'll be putting the names of those attending.
Hope to see you at toycon if you can go :)

OTL It went below

we're back to square one!

Yeah we are and anybody know I can I put that post on the top?

Make Reikuu edit hers x3 Besides that, I have no idea.

I'm going. But not 100% sure. I'll get ya'll numbers when I get to Manila.


lmao. yeah. new threads..
@riku-chan; I slept at 1am. :P Why ask? Are you STALKING us again?! XD

@touya-kun; well, if you want to edit the first post, you just have to create a thread yourself..

Kii-kun!! Nope! because their posts are like...2 hours ago when I posted mine


lmao. I don't get what's wrong..

I slept at 4am...

Cause the 3rd post was actually on top
then I edited it then it went down OTL

Ooh, what do we have here? :3

I slept at 2am. I needed to wake up early. :x

I just woke up and I need to get ready,Going to moa for a meeting today...

Lucky. You're going out.. Take care, nii-chan. :D

I'll be meeting half of the family today I hope.
I miss Imouto Oujo-sama T.T

Family meeting. Awesome. :3 Aww, you won't be meeting her?

She might go,Idk yet.
I'm missing her too much >

Wow, I'd like to meet her if that is so. lol jk

You won't meet her in a few months
she's a nursing student and is very busy all the time =.=

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