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Philippines Colorless Thread (Thread) - Page 881

buhay p b?

btw sino may twitter?! haha

buhay pa. orz

WHAT'S UP BISHES. /o/ long time no see
@Kyrei Ako, may twitter. Follow mo ko jk "orz
@planey yooo

@Kyrei ako may twitter O_____O

hi pockehmouto and planey...

nafollow ko na kayo, tagal na ;) haha. di nyo lang ako kilala >:D

ako...walang twitter :3

pero may tumblr ako...ata XD


kau na may twitter XD

@pocky hoho
@wewbot anung tumblr mo?

@planey tignan mo sa profile ko xD

@pockygurl sawp??? :3

Merry Christmas! \m/

Mewwwi Christmassuu~~

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas guise! ♥ miss ko na kayo haha.
@planey finollow kita sa tumblr dati, di mo lang ako kilala ohoho

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