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[Australia] colorless (Thread)

Just post if in Australia we could catch up if we live pretty close


I'm from Melbourne :]

Sydney sider~

Cool Im from Sydney currently living in Adelaide

Woo go Australia! I'm from Perth ^.^

not enough colorless perthlings!! need more now!!! too bad supanova already passed !! so we can't recruit more people...

My name is Deftones. I am a survivor living in Australia. I am broadcasting on all Colorless Threads. I will be at the Australian threads everyday at mid-day (+8 GMT), when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there… if anyone is out there… I can provide anime, I can provide music, I can provide hope. If there’s anybody out there… anybody… please. You are not alone.

(P.S we are doing this because there are no other perth Australians on colorless… we are lonely T.T)

HEY ALL!! i'm okogoi, nice ta meet cha! i'm looking for all you colorless that live down under, I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU ALL!!!

I also live in Australia sadly not many Australians on the Colorless Forums...

@Mellow yes i have started to notice lol, where in australia do u live i’m in NSW sydney ^ ^

I'm PRETTY SURE that there's already a thread like this...

OH WELL, Anyway Melbourne here!

@Andoryu awsome!! is the cons over there good?

Hey, guys. I'm Aussie too!
Unfortunately, I'll probably miss out on most of this thread, but here I am, living, electronic proof that there is at least one more Aussie on the Colorless forums than you expect.

@Ebon yay, i'm so glad that there are more!!! ^ ^

@Andoryu you kidding me?! Are you in melbourne as well!? add your location to your profile please then, seriously

am i the only one here that live's in or near sydney?

Guys... There is now maybe 6 Australian colorless forums now ;-; Anywho! I am also from Australia, Perth. ^-^

Perth, WA. high-fives @Deftones

@okogoi Nope~ there's me and @Lal_Mirch but she's rarely online >_>

i'm so happy i made this forum now ^ ^

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