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Dead baby jokes (Thread) - Page 3


The train one killed me. XD

My sister told this one on accident...

Okay there was a yard stick with a funeral home logo on it.

And all the people she was with wondered what kind of coffin would be small enough for a yard stick.

My sister said " A dead babies?"

Everyone enjoyed that moment.

May have been posted before but:

Whats better then a dead baby in a blender?
This smoothie I just made.

Fuck everything I hate you all. WHY AM I LAUGHING /BRB HELL

More dead baby jokes! :P

no more there god damn horrible :P

What's funnier than a dead baby?
A dead baby sitting next to a kid with down syndrome.

Dude holy shit where do you find these things

I decided to burn some calories today.

So I set a fat baby on fire


What's the difference between a dead baby and a table?
You can't fuck a table.

That's so messed up even for a dead baby joke.

As much as I like babies, I still find myself cracking up at some of these. Feels bad and good, man...

What's funnier than seven babies nailed to a tree? One baby nail to seven trees.

Sorry for bumping this thread (If 2 weeks late is even considered bumping here NEWFAG LAWL), but:

What's red, slimy, and crawls up your leg?

A homesick abortion.

What's pink and red and sits in a corner?
A baby chewing on razor blades.
What's green and sits in a corner?
The same baby, six weeks later.

What gets louder as it gets smaller?

A baby in a trash compactor.

How many baby's dose it take to paint a wall?
depends how hard you can throw them :D lolz


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